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TopTropicals Newsletter / 24 Oct 2021
New selection of Mangoes. New video: Shaping your Mango trees. Bottlebrush to Little John.

Welcome to TopTropicals!

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- Robert A. Heinlein -

Photo above: Marco, one of our most welcoming PeopleCats, now lives at Top Tropicals B-Farm

Mango Selection Extended!

Everybody wants a Mango tree!

We have a couple more warm months here in Florida, and we offer more varieties of mango - perfect timing! This is a good time of the year to plant your mango tree and give it a chance to establish before flowering that occurs from January to March, depending on the variety. We have an exciting addition to our Mango selection, including just a few specimens of the much desired Condo Mango Nam Doc Mai that everybody has been waiting for. Many fruit lovers say this is the best tasting mango ever. The tree has a dwarf growth habit, can be grown in a container or in any small garden.
Hurry up, order now on first come, first serve basis. The Nam Doc Mai trees we have for you today are well-established, in 7 gal pots, branched out, 3-4 ft tall and already fruited this year! They are ready to produce for you in Spring, providing proper care and nutrition program.
Another special is Coconut Cream Mango - this variety is so exceptional it is patented. Delicious, fabulous creamy coconut-mango flavor. Very large juicy fruit, and probably the most colorful! Flavor is exceptional with a coconut hint.

Don't forget Mango Tango for your Mango!

Plants need food. Your mango will produce as fast and as much as it gets enough necessary nutrients for fruit production. Mangoes are Winter bloomers. That means, you need to start feeding them now, in Fall!
But... dry fertilizers and even traditional water soluble fertilizers won't work, and we all know why: yep, because we do not fertilize in Winter... But! There is an ultimate solution:


Amino-acid based, Sunshine Boosters are scientifically balanced, mild formulas that are safe to use with every watering, year around! They do not create nutrient lock up and do not build up in soil, providing nutrients to your mango tree - just as much as it needs!

New Video:
Shaping your Mango Trees

by Ed Jones, the Mango Guy (and the Boosters Guy)

Learn how to shape your mango trees using a technique known as tipping. Tipping your mangos will help to develop more branches and will give the tree more places to flower and produce fruit.


See more by Ed Jones:
How to prune mango trees for best shape and production

...Why should you prune your mango trees? There are at least 3 reasons.
1. A good foundation is the key to strong growth and a shapely tree.
2. If you get your mango tree started off on the right foot with a strong foundation, it becomes much easier to keep it shaped nicely.
3. It will be forced to produce more branches allowing for more places for fruit production.


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See all available mango varieties from our store.

Bottlebrush to Little John
or the story of a Dwarf Plant

by Alex Butova, the Witch of Herbs and Cats

...Bottlebrush... Bottle washing brushes... Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a more outdated concept! For reuse, all glass containers have been cleaned industrially for many years. Young people have never even heard of, especially used, such a thing. Nevertheless, Bottlebrush not only lives, but is often used by many people. In today's world, Bottlebrushes are not brushes at all, but... beautiful ornamental plants!..
...This plant was originally selected as a chance seedling in the 1980s by Ken Dunstan of Alstonville, New South Wales and was also called Callistemon Alstonville Dwarf, Tom Thumb and, at last, Little John. They said that the choice of this name was the song "Little John, Bottle John" by the American singer and songwritter Terry Grosvenor on lyrics by Laura E. Richard. Little John was the 1986 Shrub of the Year in Australia and was originally introduced as a plant that only grew to 3ft tall...


Extended selection of Mango trees

Mangifera indica - Peach Cobbler Mango (aka O-2), Grafted
5173 Mangifera indica - Peach Cobbler Mango (aka O-2), Grafted
Grown in 10"/3 gal pot, small plant

Buy Mangifera indica - Peach Cobbler Mango (aka O-2), Grafted from Top   Tropicals

Mangifera indica - Kesar Mango, Grafted
5179 Mangifera indica - Kesar Mango, Grafted
Grown in 10"/3 gal pot

Buy Mangifera indica - Kesar Mango, Grafted from Top Tropicals

Mangifera indica - Keitt Mango, Grafted
3114 Mangifera indica - Keitt Mango, Grafted
Grown in 10"/3 gal pot

Buy Mangifera indica - Keitt Mango, Grafted from Top Tropicals

Mangifera indica - Cotton Candy, Large size, Grafted
6042 Mangifera indica - Cotton Candy, Large size, Grafted
Grown in 14"/7 gal pot, 2 ft tall

Buy Mangifera indica - Cotton Candy, Large size, Grafted from Top   Tropicals

See full list of available Mango varieties.


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