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Tropical Plants Links



Alphabetical Listing of Trees and Palms Alphabetical Listing of Trees and Palms: bunch of links (some internal) to pictures of trees (mostly tropical and sub-tropical), including palms.

Atlas of Florida vascular plants Database of vascular plants by Institute of Systematic Botany, The University of South Florida and the Florida Center, that provides a source of information useful to anyone who has the need to know the distribution of plants within the state.

All about Iresine: Wim Maassen's web-page (Holland) - Member of TopTropicals team. - by Anya McCoy - the first artisan perfumer admitted to the American Society of Perfumers, a historic moment for artisan perfumers. Anya is an ethnobotanist and landscape designer in South Florida who specializes in fragrant and useful plants. There are photos, links, and lots of great information for the Zone 10 gardener on her site. If you interested in becoming professional natural perfumer, visit her website // / // - Natural Perfumery Institute for teaching natural perfumery, hundreds of international students. - Do you own a landscaping related web site? We're always looking for quality sites to add to our growing index. Take advantage of our quality traffic and fill out the form below so we can add you to our directory.

Aztec Gardens - A guide to the pre-Hispanic plants and foods of Mexico, with ancient recipes from Mesoamerica. A great resource for the teacher, student, amateur ethno botanist, chef, or anyone interested in the plants and foods of Mexico and Mesoamerica.

ASPCA - American Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals

B - Welcome to a humble home, bed and breakfast, and yoga barn.  We dreamed for years of having waterfront property to kayak on the Orange River and soak in the wildlife and observe the Manatees swimming.  Here, we found the perfect place.  From the front porch of the bed and breakfast you hear the neighboring goose herding the ducks and chickens, you watch the neighboring horses graze, and you enjoy the beautiful Cardinals, Hummingbirds, and Blue Jays that make themselves at home in our large live oaks and flowering bushes and trees.  I am licensed / certified and offer Thai Yoga and Swedish massages while you enjoy your stay and frequently we have yoga, meditation, and other classes such as crystal bowl concerts or aroma therapy.  If you are interested in attending or even holding a day retreat, call and see when and what we are offering. Your days will be filled with kayaking, and focusing on your inner self while experiencing a restful time at the Buckingham Yoga Barn.

Bauhinias - a collection of Bauhinia photos, many species!

Botany.Com Encyclopedia of Plants that provides information regarding the general description of the plants, the various methods of cultivation, such as indoor or outdoor planting, soil and temperature requirements, pruning, and other important details, the means of propagation (seeds, cuttings, division, etc.), and the different varieties and hybrids.

Brad's Begonia world

Botany Resources - botany related news, books and web resources


California rare fruit growers California Rare Fruit Growers (CRFG) is the largest amateur fruit-growing organization in the world. The organization has a general interest in all aspects of fruit growing with a primary focus on semitropical fruits and uncommon fruits and vegetables.

Calus Canna Collection - the best collection of cannas! Cannas Encyclopedia.
"I've been fascinated by cannas (Canna generalis) for more then decade now. This site is dedicated to my hobby as culturing, reproduction and fighting with their diseases and parasites I would like this site becomes a compendium of knowledge for beginners, who have already felt in love with these beautiful flowers but do not know how to meet their needs".

Cacti and Succulents: Cacti and Succulents on CD-ROMs.

Carnivorous Plants FAQ

Cultivar - online periodical illustrated with photos of cultivars, focused on crested, monstrose, colored, hybrid, poly and dichotomic forms of cacti and other succulents

Cheryl's Garden Party - a free, informational web site for Arkansas gardeners. Beautiful pictures, landcaping tips, garden stories, very interesting content!

Central Florida Amateur Gardener Web page about gardening in Central Florida. Observations along with photographs taken in the garden are being presented in a series of monthly newsletters that started with the August 1996 issue

Cactus and succulent plant mall (CSPM) - an Internet resource for all growers of cacti and succulent plants. It is regularly updated with information on cactus and succulent societies and suppliers of plants, seeds and literature on cacti and succulents.

D - a great database of tropical plants with accent on succulents and other desert plants, but all kinds of tropicals presented. Over 2000 plants, with pictures, accurate scientific names and information. CDs available for sale.

Donna's Birds, Brugmansia, flowers and other wildlife

DIY Do It Yourself: gardening and landscaping.

3D Garden composer Garden design software and encyclopedia of plants. Over 2000 species od tropical and desert plants. Very informative, photos available.

Discover Life - Huge plant database with pictures and taxonomy. Search through Plant families. Discover Life provides free on-line tools to identify species, share ways to teach and study nature's wonders, report findings, build maps, process images, and contribute to and learn from an encyclopedia of life that now contains 299,984 species.

E - Handcrafted Soaps and Natural Body Products

Everything Garden, from Backyard to Zen Garden.



Flowers of Argentina - A beautiful collection of tropical flowers photos. A Must see! Professional artwork. "The main purpose of this site is to reflect the beauty of the world I live in. I want to show plants in wilderness or cultivated as outdoor ornamental plants, regardless of whether their flowers are used for decorative purposes or not. I've used macroscanning and macrophotographing to show small details, which generally could not be seen by naked eye..."

FloriData photographic encyclopedia of landscape plants

G - The Encyclopedia of House Plants, online order

Garden Plant Care - A collection of articles on different garden plants and how to take care of them

Green Culture Singapore - join a NEW plant lover's website called Green Culture Singapore (GCS) that is based in Singapore. There is a discussion forum where you can ask your questions and share your knowledge and tips. This forum aims to promote the gardening hobby among Singaporeans and GCS welcomes members from all corners of the world. This community of plant lovers is growing in size each day.

Garden Art by Sandpiper - Bench, Fountain, Clock, Flag, Arbor, Mailbox and Outdoor Art - Shop a variety of sundials, fountains, statuary, and other garden decor.

Gardenweb - gardening Forum, catalog search - plant database. The HortiPlex database contains plant images and data as well as links to information sources, images and vendors at other sites. Searches may be limited to: just those records with images or links to images; records with vendor links; or, records of botanical taxa. 101,133 records; 78,477 links; 50,744 taxa; 50,389 cultivars; 14,409 images/image links; 1,651 vendor links.

Garden Community: Directory over 100 categories to choose from.
Garden Directory over 100 Categories to choose from. Plus Free News Group Access for many Garden Groups, Garden Zone finder, Books, Magazines, Articles, Free Pictures and more.

Gordon Braswell's Bougainvillea Info Page - a great page of a retired nursery owner who specialized in Bougainvilleas - Mail-Order Gardening Resources

Garden Community: Directory over 100 categories to choose from. Garden Zone finder, Giant Garden Directory 100's of categories to find gardens, specialty nurseries and garden supplies for wholesale and retail trade. Free garden pictures. Copyright free and royalty free pictures. Books, Links to Free Magazines, Articles and more.

H - Hibiscus and More - Tropical Blooming Hibiscus Plants. Online garden shop for tropical Hibiscus plants in bud and ready to bloom.

Hibiscus: A Touch of the Tropics - featuring beautiful and unique tropical Hibiscus varieties



Home Grown Miami - Page by Richard Garcia, providing service of "Botanical identification your own home": I let people know what is growing on their property regarding
whether they are native, invasive, or tropical... I also assist on how sun light is dispersed throughout the property and help with plant selection...


Internet Directory for Botany Index to botanical information available on the Internet. Complete search engimne for botanics.

Idiot Proof Garden "I call it that because it is the not-so-bad result of years of absolute minimum care and attention..."


Kumquat hybrids


Laidback gardener - Blog of Larry Hodgson, one of Canada’s best-known garden communicators.

M - The Magnolia Society International - a Worldwide organization devoted to the appreciation and study of magnolias. - website of Richard B. Figlar (South Carolina), a past president of the Magnolia Society who has been growing and studying magnolias for the past 25 years. Considered one of the world's foremost authorities on the genus, Figlar is a frequent author and lecturer on the subject.

// - The Manatee County, Florida Chapter of the Rare Fruit Council International, Inc.

Melastomataceae - The goal of this website is to provide a centralized clearinghouse for information about the Melastomataceae. Included herein are pages providing images, descriptions of various groups, current research around the world, bibliographic references, phylogenetics, melastomatologists, and other topics.

N - A growing movement among artisanal perfumers to create products that do not contain synthetic chemicals. A look back to a gentler time when a person's fragrance stayed within their personal space, and did not enter a room before they did, or linger strongly after they left. A positive art that evolved in response to increased chemical sensitivities.

Nature banner network


Orchid photo page Hundreds of orchid photos of stunning flowers from both AOS judging and private collections.

Orchid Forums.Net Celebrate the beauty of Orchids in International Forums -


Plants, plant names, common plant names, flower and plant names Pronounce and understand the true names of plants.

Pitaya Home Page: A Research and Development Center for PITAYA All about Pitaya

Plant of the week Buy, Sell and Trade plants from around the world; free classifieds

Plants National Database

Plants Database- is the accumulation of gardening knowledge and expertise from hundreds of gardeners living around the world. The database currently contains 54,529 plants and 12,432 photos...

Palms and Gardens Palm enciclopedia. Big list of palms: over 300 species.

Pictures of Flowers

Pictures of Euphorbia and other succulents

Palm Tree Care

Plumeria place


Rain-tree Tropical plants database

Rain Shadow Gardens - Gardening Gifts, garden decorations, lawn decorations, garden sculptures and garden fountains

Retreat Builders - Landscaping and Home improvement services


Seed Site - A website devoted entirely to seeds! REVISED AND UPDATED webpages about seeds - collecting seeds, storing seeds, sowing seeds, germinating seeds and exchanging seeds, with pictures of seeds, seedpods and seedlings.

Streptocarpus species

State Trees and State Flowers

T is a website that provides all the latest information on indoors gardening and lighting, that you can use to facilitate plant growth. Have this information as a guide to growing healthy, big-yielding plants without having to leave your house.

Tropical Treasures Magazine. The magazine contains detailed information on tropical gardening, growing tropical plants both indoors and outdoors.

The Central Florida Amateur Gardener Web page about gardening in Central Florida. Observations along with photographs taken in the garden are being presented in a series of monthly newsletters that started with the August 1996 issue

Tropical fruit database

The Green Man - The Green Man Garden & Landscape Inc. - professional horticultural services exclusively for residences in Broward County, Florida.

Tropical Fruit Photography by Ian Maguire (University of Florida): During the past five years I have taken thousands of pictures of tropical fruit and it continues to be a rewarding experience for me and others.

The cactus and succulent plant mall (CSPM) - an Internet resource for all growers of cacti and succulent plants. It is regularly updated with information on cactus and succulent societies and suppliers of plants, seeds and literature on cacti and succulents.

The seed Site - A website devoted entirely to seeds!


University of Florida Herbarium (FLAS)


What tree is it?

Winn Soldani's FANCY HIBISCUS - Hibiscus mail-order website

Z - Online field guides to the plants and animals of the world, with photos, sound recordings, and distribution maps. aspires to be a useful Field Guide to plants and animals of the world. Often, to be useful, a field guide must have a sense of where you are and what might be found there. For every professional naturalist who has made a positive identification of some species, there are 10,000 amateurs wondering what they have just seen. There are many books to assist in the task of identification, but most cover species of a wide geographic range -- "Birds of America" -- even though most species occur in smaller geographic ranges. If you are trying to identify something you have just seen, the grand book of everything is too much. Too much information can be cumbersome. For identification, a good field guide could be localized to your back yard. There are many species that look the same, and can be distinguished only by genetic analysis or by knowing where they were found. If your Field Guide contains many finches or salamanders that could not possibly be found in your back yard, it increases your chance of a misidentification. Too much information can sometimes mislead. is working toward being able to provide information about the animals of a specific area. We will succeed when you can make a list all species that might be found in any specific spot in the world, without strays that could not be found there. Ideally, such lists would be sensitive to the probability of being found in a given spot, not merely whether it might/might not be there.

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